Homeowners love area rugs mostly because of the way they enhance the beauty of a room. They are a great addition to spaces with hard surface flooring, such as hardwood, laminate, or tile. Area rugs also provide great underfoot comfort with their thick and soft fibers. However, these fibers also trap dirt and grime that can build up in the long run. You might be thinking of cleaning your area rug on your own, but this may not be the best decision. Doing so may leave you with a ruined one. Reach out to professionals who clean area rugs. Here’s how the experts do it:


Before a cleaning professional works on your area rug, they would inspect it for spots, stains, soil levels, wear patterns, and damage. They will also assess it to identify its fibers and construction and test it for colorfastness. This step allows them to determine the amount of work needed to clean your area rug properly.

Dry Soil Removal

Removing dry particle soil from your area rug is a crucial step that ensures that the item is cleaned thoroughly. A professional carpet cleaner will dust your rug using a machine that vibrates the back and knocks the dry particle soil loose. The cleaning professional will then vacuum your area rug on both sides to remove any residue.


After removing the loose dry particle soil from your area rug, the cleaning expert will wash it in a rug pit using wool-safe products. They will also gently agitate and treat any spots, then rinse your rug. It is also in this step that pet urine treatment is applied to your area rug.

Drying and Finishing Touches

The expert will place your area rug in a centrifuge that spins and rinses the area rug thoroughly to remove all residues. The spinning action uses gravity to remove the excess water from it to quicken the drying process.

They will then groom your rug using a carpet brush to set the nap. The optional soil and stainguard protection can be applied at your request. This will help keep the dry particle soil from bonding to the fibers, allowing your vacuum to remove it. It also gives you more reaction time to blot up spills.

Next, the area rug is given time to dry completely, and then wrapped in brown paper and returned to you.

Get in Touch With Carpet Cleaning Experts

Terry’s Cleaning & Restoration in Goshen, IN has a team of professionals who use state-of-the-art technology in cleaning area rugs. You can count on us to wash and dry your area rug while keeping the integrity of its color and fibers. For more information, reach out to us today.