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Wood Floor Cleaning

Wood floors are beautiful and a great alternative for allergy sufferers. While you would think there is less maintenance with wood flooring vs carpet, that is not the case. Vacuuming and dust mopping regularly to remove the dry particle soil so it cannot embed itself into the wood is imperative. Wood floors should also be cleaned professionally once a year to remove any residues from cleaning products, cooking grease and soil that can get into the joints. Besides hardwood floors, we also, clean laminate and engineered floors!

Why Choose Our Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services?

  • Pre-vacuum prior to cleaning
  • We use a Dirt Dragon machine which is specialized for our hardwood floor cleaning services
  • We agitate to loosen embedded dirt and residue, scrub and vacuum in one pass
  • Dust-free cleaning
  • We apply a neutralizing rinse to remove residue and speeds drying
  • A protective coat can be applied to revitalize and protect your wood floor
  • Special attention to edges and corners
  • Prolongs the need to sand and refinish solid hardwoods

How do I maintain my floor in between cleanings?

  • Blot up spills right away
  • Frequent vacuuming/dust mopping to remove dry particle soil
  • Using a slightly damp mop as needed with a proper wood floor cleaner

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