Maintaining your carpet is essential for keeping it fresh and looking new. To help you out, here’s a list of the must-know dos and don’ts:

Do: Vacuum Properly and Frequently
The most crucial step in carpet maintenance is regular vacuuming. Doing it every other day or twice a week will protect your flooring from the accumulation of dust. Select the right tool for your carpet’s type of fabric, and remove solid or large objects before getting started. Focus on areas with high foot traffic first when you clean.

Don’t: Leave Spills on for a Long Time
If you spilled wine or coffee over your beautiful flooring, clean up the mess before the grime sticks to the fibers and discolors the fabric. Scrape off any solid particles first. Then, use the appropriate solution to clear the remnants; be careful with harsh chemicals that can add to the mark. You should also call a carpet cleaning company in Goshen, IN afterward for the application of a protectant, which helps prevent staining.

Do: Avoid Wearing Shoes Inside the House
Soil and debris from shoes are among the top contributors to carpet stains. They also carry harmful bacteria and allergens that pose respiratory problems and other health risks. So, it’s best to leave your footwear outside your home or in a special area in the foyer. Your family should wear slippers that are solely intended for indoor use instead.

Don’t: Skip the Regular Deep Clean
Tidying your carpet with your regular vacuum cleaner isn’t enough to keep all the grime away. Soot, dust, and other pollutants from your indoor air circulation get trapped in the textile’s fibers, forming a black discoloration around their edges. These tiny, fine particles settle in the fabric’s deep layers, which make them hard to vacuum.

To clear and prevent stubborn stains, schedule a deep clean once or twice a year. Ensure that the entire surface is tidied safely and effectively by entrusting the task to a residential carpet cleaning services provider instead of opting for a DIY method.

Do: Reposition Your Furniture Once in a While
It may sound simple, but changing your furniture’s arrangement regularly can help extend your carpet’s lifespan. This will keep the fibers firm and prevent permanent damage. It will also evenly distribute foot traffic, so you won’t see apparent dents in certain areas of the fabric. Spruce up your room every 3 months to maintain your textile’s fresh look.

Seek Help From a Trusted Carpet Cleaning Company in Goshen, IN
Whether you need assistance with removing a stain or it’s simply time for that annual deep clean, Terry’s Cleaning & Restoration is here to help. We use high-power steam cleaning tools and equipment to eradicate all kinds of unwanted grime, from accidental spills to soil filtration buildups. Our pretreatment supplies are also child- and pet-safe, formulated with gentle, plant-based ingredients. Contact us now to learn more about our services!