Dogs and cats are adorable animals that offer companionship and emotional support to most people. Having one in your home is enjoyable, but for pet owners with carpets, things might be harder.

Your furry friend can easily ruin your carpet in different ways, from shedding and accidents to walking around with muddy paws. To address this problem, here are some tips on carpet cleaning for pet owners:

Keep Your Pet’s Paws Clean

Your four-legged companion can’t soil your carpet if their feet are kept spotless. To avoid dirt or mud from embedding in your carpet, make sure to wipe your pet’s paws before letting them in the house.

Clean Up Accidents Properly

When your furry friend unexpectedly pees on your carpet, you need to act immediately. Blot the urine as soon as possible and use a pet-friendly cleaner to remove any residue on your carpet. The longer you wait before cleaning up the mess, the higher the chances of it staining your beautiful carpet.

Get Rid of Pet Hair, Dander, and Drool

Living with pets means getting used to their fur sticking everywhere, from your clothes to your sofa and carpet. Even if your dog or cat does not shed a lot, they may still be creating dander that can accumulate on your carpet. Your four-legged friend may also be spreading drool on your carpet when playing with toys on it.

Over time, the fur and dander from your dog or cat may weigh down your carpet and affect its appearance. These particles, along with your pet’s saliva, may also cause your carpet to smell.

To take care of this issue, you need to vacuum your carpet twice a week. You should also move your furniture to clean the corners of your carpet every once in a while. This will help get rid of loose pet hair, dander, and other particles on it.

Hire a Reputable Carpet Cleaning Company in Goshen, IN

For a more thorough carpet cleaning for pet owners, work with our team at Terry’s Cleaning & Restoration. We use state-of-the-art equipment and pet-friendly chemicals when taking care of your carpet to ensure the quality of our work.