Abshire Park

If you want to take a bike ride, the trail at Abshire Park in Goshen, IN, is an ideal destination. It’s a flat, easy-to-navigate trail that crosses IN 4 at a crosswalk. The surface is hard-packed crushed limestone and ends at County Road 28. There are many reasons to bike or walk in this beautiful park. You can find information on all of these and more.

Pumpkinvine Nature Trail

In 1995, the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail in Abshire Park Gooshen, IN was a dirt road, only one mile long. The trail was not paved, and the path was often hidden behind woods or a smattering of junk cars. However, that has all changed. Today, this scenic trail is a 17-mile-long linear park that is a major boost to the local economy.

To reach the trailhead, head north from County Road 16, and follow the signs for the Pumkinvine Nature Trail. This 5.78-mile trail connects Middlebury and Shipshewana. The trailhead is located on County Road 43, about 1/2 mile north of County Road 16. There are also links to MapleHeart and Wilden Avenue trails that connect Goshen with Elkheart.

Abshire Park

If you love the outdoors, you’ll want to visit Abshire Park in Goshen, Indiana. The park’s new sensory trail, designed by Ashley VanVurst, features more than 900 different sensory features. You can even use an app to guide yourself through the trails. Goshen College students are developing a special app for this purpose, though it won’t be ready for several weeks. In the meantime, you can check out the three stationary web cams in the park. A great place to also visit is Holiday Roller Rink.

Trailhead from I-80

If you’re looking for a fun trail you can use to get to the heart of Indiana’s farm country, Abshire Park is an excellent choice. Its Lincoln Avenue trailhead is a good starting point, but a short detour from I-80 to the park’s south entrance is recommended. Nearby, you’ll find a park rest area and a trail that crosses IN 4. The trail surface is hard-packed crushed limestone, and the trail ends near County Road 28.

From I-80, take Exit 96, which will lead you to County Road 17. From there, take County Road 17 to N. Fifth St., then follow the road to Crescent St. Follow the signs for the trailhead. You can park on the south side of the road, or you can find parking along the trail. While parking is not necessary, it is highly recommended. The trailhead is accessible from several directions.

Trailhead from C.R. 33

The trailhead for the Abshire Park loop begins near the Abshire Park rest area. The trail follows a hard-packed crushed limestone surface, and crosses IN 4 at a crosswalk. The trail ends at County Road 28, a popular biking and walking destination. There is also a trailhead for the Pumkinvine Nature Trail south of Middlebury Street. Afterward, the trail loops back to the north along a beautiful farmland.

Approximately 30 miles of bicycle and pedestrian trails can be found in Goshen. The Maple City Greenway trail system links parks, libraries, and the downtown area. Most of the trail is inside parks, with a few sections located alongside roads. The Abshire Park Trail is a soft-surface pathway that extends south from E. Lincoln Avenue to Blackdrop Drive. The trail is accessible year-round.

Trailhead from Winona Interurban

The Abshire Park trailhead is located off I-80 in Goshen, Indiana. From I-80, take Exit 96. Continue west on County Road 17 until it turns into Crescent Street. Turn left on N. Fifth St and proceed east to the trailhead. Follow this trail to E. Monroe Street. The trail is 0.6 miles long and can be easily accessed by car or bike.

The Abshire Park trail is a crushed stone surface that is 10 feet wide and provides easy access to the Greencroft Trail. The trail also connects with the Monroe Street Trail, which is paved and 1 mile long. In addition, there’s the Pringle Park Walking Track, which is a crushed-stone surface that follows the perimeter of Plymouth Avenue. After completing the trail, take a rest at the Abshire Park rest area. Next article.

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