Country Garden Greenhouse

English country gardens are growing in popularity as more people discover the beauty and benefits of gardening. You can learn more about English gardens at In The Country Garden. There are also many resources available that will help you grow and maintain your own plants. Learn about English country gardens and Country Garden Greenhouse. You can also learn about Country Nursery and Gifts. Here are some tips to help you get started. Listed below are some tips to grow and maintain your country garden. Click for more info.

English Country Gardens

English Country Gardens are known for their vibrant color palette, fragrant roses, and beautiful box hedging. They can help you choose the perfect plants for your garden location. Their knowledgeable staff can also offer gardening advice. Here are some tips for creating an English garden. Read on to learn more about the benefits of an English country garden greenhouse. After all, your garden is a reflection of your personality and style! Listed below are some ways to make your English country garden the envy of all your friends.

Country Garden Greenhouse

If you are in the market for some new plants, then you might want to stop by the Country Garden Greenhouse. This garden center is located on 12611 S Co Rd 1050 W in Westport, Indiana. The store is in close proximity to the Alert United Methodist Church and Wynn Cemetery. You can also visit other local greenhouses, including the Country Garden Greenhouse. There are 0 reviews of Country Garden Greenhouse, and there are no stars.

Country Nursery

In The Country Garden and Gifts is a full-service garden center with an impressive selection of plants and gifts. Its services include landscaping, design and maintenance, and seasonal gift purchases. Its owners are dedicated to creating long-lasting relationships with their customers. Country Garden Greenhouse has been a staple in the Indianapolis community for 20 years. It also offers contact-free pickup and deliveries. The greenhouse’s new location is a convenient, spacious space perfect for growing plants and gifts.

In The Country Garden and Gifts

Josh and Sue Spece own In The Country Garden Greenhouse and Gifts. Josh has been passionate about gardening since childhood. He has a degree in horticulture, and their mother, Sue, is a talented crafter. Together, the two have built a thriving business. Josh has a passion for unique plants, and Sue brings her many years of experience to the table. Sue fills their retail shop with handcrafted gifts and unique garden decor. Learn more about Goshen, IN


If you’re considering growing hostas, you’ve probably seen the blue one and asked yourself, “What is that?” The answer is white wax on a green leaf. The base color of the leaf and the thickness of the white wax are what determine the actual color of the leaves. If you want to grow hostas that look blue, you’ll need to get the right plant for the right spot.


The Carlyle Country Garden Greenhouse celebrates its 15th year of operation on Thursday. The greenhouse specializes in perennials and shrubs for zones 3 and 4, and is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., as well as on Sunday from 1:30 to 5 p.m. For more information, call 317-827-3575 or visit

Water plants

There are many tips to consider when watering plants in your Country Garden Greenhouse. First, remember that watering is important for new installations, because young plants do not yet have developed root systems. Watering the soil around the base of your plants will likely be drier than the soil between the plants, which can promote disease and cause the plant to die. To check the moisture level of soil around your plants, stick your finger in the soil up to your second knuckle.


If you’re a lover of flowers and are in search of unique gifts, Country Garden Greenhouse in Alert, Indiana, is a great place to start. The greenhouses, actually four, are operated by Nellie Spencer. She offers a variety of different plants. When the outside weather turns dreary, she’ll grow a leafy salad garden in the fifth greenhouse. And, with no electricity or heat required, she’ll be able to do this while the rest of the community is stuck inside. Up next is Oakwood Resort.


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