DeFries Gardens ‒ River Preserve County Park

Visitors to DeFries Gardens should consider a visit to the historic Victorian homestead located in the county park. This beautiful garden was once a private homestead, but now boasts an historic Victorian-style home and lovely perennial and woodland plantings. It also features a four-season Calendar Garden with unique structures marking the solstices and the 365-foot circular path that leads through the garden’s different seasons. Check this out.

Spring Plant Exchange

DeFries Gardens River Preserve County park is holding a Spring Plant Exchange on May 7 at 1 p.m. The exchange is open to the public and encourages gardeners to donate spare plants, seeds, and bulbs. The event is free to attend and there is no limit to the number of plants participants can trade. All plants and seedlings should be healthy and rooted in soil.

Visitors are encouraged to bring a container plant to swap with other gardeners. DeFries Gardens is part of the Elkhart County Parks System and was once a private homestead. Featuring a Victorian-style house, the gardens also feature perennial gardens, woodland plantings, and a four-season Calendar Garden with unique structures marking the solstices and equinox. Visitors can wander around the 365-foot-long circular path to discover the garden’s seasonal flowers and blooming plants. Additional info about.

Calendar Garden

A 13-acre parcel of land on the Elkhart River east of New Paris, Indiana, is home to the Calendar Garden, a project of local artist Jon Cutrell. The garden contains unique structures that mark the solstices, full moons, and days of the week. A 365-foot circular path takes visitors through the garden’s four seasons. The garden also contains elements that represent time, including trees, shrubs, and flowers.

Visitors can walk through the Calendar Garden to see which plants bloom at what time of the year. This garden has many evergreens and different pieces of wood, which adds a rustic touch to the space. One interesting feature is the toad that someone caught and left in the garden. Another unique feature of this garden is the green house, which contains many plants. It has a seasonal theme and changes from day to day.

Funded by Mrs. Defries

Despite the many challenges her school faces, Ms. Defries is a positive force. Her dedication to the students and staff is impressive. She has found ways to support her colleagues and students and has a welcoming door policy. She is a role model for teachers in need and a positive influence in the school community. Her generosity has benefited the lives of thousands of children. Here are some of her accomplishments:

Artie Paul Defries was born in Barren County, Kentucky. He married Mary Jane Grinter in 1828. He died in Kansas City on 27 July 1882. His children were born in Barren County, Kentucky. They included John V. Defries (born 1893) and Iva DeFries (born 1898). Mabel Marie Defries (born 1898) died at an early age.

Limited parking

If you’re looking for a park with beautiful scenery and great amenities, consider stopping by DeFries Gardens in New Paris. This park, known as DeFries Gardens, is located just six miles north of Syracuse. It features a calendar garden theme, fountains, and designated play areas. Limited parking is available at the park, so arrive early if you plan to bring a picnic lunch. The Gardens are open from nine am to six pm. Up next is RV Hall of Fame & Museum.


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