RV Hall of Fame & Museum

The RV/MH Hall of Fame is a 100,000-square-foot museum featuring historic recreational vehicles from American makers. The exhibits include vintage travel trailers, pop-up campers, and more. If you’re in the Elkhart, IN area, you’ll want to visit this museum and explore the museum’s Founders Hall and Exhibitors Hall. You’ll be glad you did! Check this out for more info.

Founders Hall

Founders’s Memorial, RV/MH Hall of Fame & Museum Elkhart, IN is a 100,000-square-foot museum that highlights the history of recreational vehicles made in the United States. Visitors can see historic recreational vehicles by American manufacturers, as well as the vehicles that were the inspiration for their creations. The museum features historic recreational vehicles in its permanent exhibits, and is a must-see for any RV enthusiast.

Visitors will enjoy a section of the museum set up as an RV park, complete with trees, driveways, and photos. This section of the museum shows how RVs have evolved from their humble beginnings before World War I to the motorized McMansions of today. It is possible to walk through over fifty vintage RVs, some of which are so rare and unique that they are impossible to find anywhere else.

The museum is divided into multiple large halls, each with a different era of RVs on display. You can view and enter several vehicles, including a few that are still in working order. There is also an extensive library of RV industry documents and books. Founders Hall features a permanent exhibit of RVs, so you can view many different types. A visit to this museum is sure to be a fun-filled day for the whole family.

While touring the museum, take a moment to enjoy the RV/MH Hall of Fame. The museum is divided into several sections, including the theatre, GoRVing Hall, Exhibitors Hall, and Founders Hall. The second floor of the museum contains a large library filled with books on RV history, vendors, and Hall of Fame inductees. For those who are not interested in RV history, there is a museum dedicated to it that offers an excellent educational experience for both old and new visitors.

The RV/MH Hall of Fame and Museum is conveniently located off Interstate 80 in Elkhart, Indiana. You can visit the museum in person or take a tour of the grounds. The museum offers extra-long pull-through RV spaces and free overnight parking. The museum is open Monday-Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. It is closed on Sundays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day. A fantastic read.

Exhibitors Hall

The Exhibitors’ Gallery at RV Hall of Fame & Museum Elkenhart IN features an exhibit of American-made historical recreational vehicles. This 100,000-square-foot museum is perfect for anyone interested in American history. Visitors can take a look at the earliest recreational vehicles on display, as well as the most recent innovations. You’ll find everything from classic cars to ultra-modern travel trailers.

A visit to the exhibits of the RV/MH Hall of Fame and Museum is an educational experience. Exhibitors show the innards of their rigs and educate visitors on features and add-ons. If you’re thinking about buying an RV, you’ll be better equipped with questions to ask and know which options are the best. Here’s what to expect when you visit the museum.

The exhibits at the Go RVing Hall will make you feel inspired to take up RVing. The Go RVing Coalition is a group of RV manufacturers who promote the benefits of RVing. You’ll find the iconic 45-foot-long Furrion Motorhome on display. It features digital features and a personal helicopter on the roof. This exhibit has a timeline of the Go RVing advertising campaign.

If you’re visiting the RV/MH Hall of Fame & Museum, you’ll want to take your RV. Parking at the museum is easy, with pull-through spots for 65-foot motor homes. Getting there isn’t difficult, but be prepared to spend a few hours in the museum. It’s well worth it! Soak up the history of the RV/MH industry while visiting this museum.

The exhibits are arranged chronologically, and there are some wacky pieces, too. One of them is the oldest surviving RV, a Model T with benches that convert into a bed. Another one was the Spartan Imperial Mansion, the first all-metal trailer. The manufacturer was trying to bribe Mae West with the “Cadilady of trailers.” There’s also a 1931 Chevrolet house car that resembles a luxury SUV. Next article.


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