Fidler Pond Trail

If you’re looking for a great day out in Goshen, Indiana, consider taking a walk around Fidler Pond Trail. You’ll find several recreation opportunities here. Nearby attractions include the Elkhart River and a canoeing area. Read on for more information about the Fidler Pond Trail and nearby attractions. While you’re here, be sure to try canoeing or kayaking! Read this first!

Fidler Pond Park

In addition to its scenic setting, Fidler Pond Park in Goshen, Indiana offers many activities for people of all ages. You can go canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and even cycle on the paths. This park has a designated fishing area and is also great for picnicking and jogging. The park is located at 1424 Lincolnway East. There are also fishing pole rentals and swinging benches.

Visitors can also check out the Elkhart County Courthouse, which is located in Goshen, IN. The courthouse is a historic building about one mile north of the park. This photograph is in the public domain and was taken by Jon Konrath. He used CC BY 2.0 license to share this image with the public. There are numerous museums in the area and each one tells a different story.

Recreational opportunities

If you are looking for an outdoor park with a beautiful lake, you should check out Fidler Pond Trail. This park is a perfect place to walk dogs, cycle, fish, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. There is also a paved walking trail that takes you around the entire pond. In addition to its natural beauty, Fidler Pond Trail features several picnic areas, shelters, and water birds.

The area is home to the Rock the Quarry Triathlon, nature talks, and campfire sing-alongs. It also boasts a 90-mile heritage trail, which spans the city of Goshen, IN. The trail includes picturesque backroads, Amish-owned shops, and scenic ponds. You can also check out the local farmers’ market in Goshen, where locals gather to buy produce and other items. More places to also visit by clicking here.

Nearby attractions

If you enjoy exploring the natural beauty of the area, you’ll find nearby attractions to satisfy all your senses. Ox Bow Park features a four-mile sensory trail with over 900 features. Located on the Elkhart River, Ox Bow Park is within minutes of downtown Goshen, and provides a scenic slice of rural life that is jam-packed with year-round activities. Not to be missed is the observation tower at Ox Bow Park, a 34-foot structure that replaced an earlier tower that burned in the 1970s.

Visitors can check out the local farmers’ market, which is the largest of its kind in the Midwest. If you’re a wine lover, you can visit Wine Cellar Supply and Winery, the state’s first and largest winery. Wine Cellar Supply and Winery has been around for more than 30 years and features 18 different types of wine. Visitors can taste wines by the glass or purchase them by the case.

Canoeing on the Elkhart River

The Elkhart River was named by Indians for an island on the river. This scenic waterway flows through the rolling farmland of northern Indiana and enters the St. Joseph River near Elkhart. It is a shallow, scenic river that has little current. Goshen is a popular destination for canoeing enthusiasts. In addition to the scenic river landscape, the area offers camping, fishing, and other recreation opportunities.

There are many canoeing and kayaking opportunities on the Elkhart River on the Fidler Pond Trail. You can paddle the Elkhart River from Fidler Pond Park, located at 1424 Lincolnway East. Life jackets are required for any boater. Life jacket rentals are available for $2 for two hours. This area is also the location of two triathlons this summer. Up next is Holiday Roller Rink.

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