Starting a Commercial Carpet Cleaning Business

Considering starting a Commercial Carpet Cleaning Business? There are a few things you need to consider. First, determine the equipment and training costs. Next, you should evaluate the experience and training of the employees. And, don’t forget to ask for references from past customers. You may also find useful information on sites like Yelp. Make sure the company you’re considering has online reviews. The more testimonials it has, the better. Click for more info.

Need for equipment

To start a successful carpet cleaning business, you’ll need the right equipment. You can rent equipment from a local hardware store, but you’ll soon need to invest in basic cleaning tools. It is important to have a solid accounting system, since this will make annual tax filings easier. To help you get started, you can use the SBA’s reference to state licenses. Once you’ve purchased your first carpet cleaning equipment, you can buy more if you’re expanding your business.

Your equipment will depend on the type of cleaning you’ll be performing. For instance, if you’re performing a hot water extraction method, you’ll need an extractor. On the other hand, if you’re performing a dry carpet cleaning technique, you’ll need pretreatment materials that can get rid of dirt. In either case, your equipment is important, and it’s essential to have it in place before you begin accepting jobs.


The cost of commercial carpet cleaning varies by size and type of building. A light traffic building can be cleaned for $150-$200 per room. A building with heavy traffic and extensive soiling can cost up to $250/room. For large buildings with many floors, the cost may be much higher, as the area must be cleaned from top to bottom. For this reason, the cost of commercial carpet cleaning is not based solely on size, but also on the type of building and the amount of space.

The type of carpet being cleaned will determine the cost. The best method depends on the number of loops and twists in the material. One method is steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction. The high-pressure steam pushes hot water deep into the fibres, removing any excess moisture. However, some companies charge per room and provide a base rate for a single room. The costs will increase if the service includes stain or odor removal, as well as additional services such as deep cleaning.


As a business owner, you should consider investing in professional carpet cleaning training and certification for your employees. Many people assume that this is enough to become a successful commercial carpet cleaning company, but it is also essential to learn technical skills and maintain your knowledge. It is important to provide customers with the best service possible, and certification training should be a part of your business model. If you are interested in gaining more expertise and increasing the value of your business, consider taking an IICRC-approved training seminar.

There are many sources available that offer this training. You can even find online classes provided by carpet cleaning equipment manufacturers. Even if you do not have the time or money to go to a traditional classroom setting, training courses are a great way to learn about the carpet cleaning business. The information will help you set up your own business, find customers, train your employees, and develop a marketing plan. You can even get certified in a specific area of carpet cleaning.


For your carpet cleaning needs, you should consider hiring an experienced commercial carpet cleaning company. A dirty carpet sends a bad message about your business. It can be difficult to remove stains from carpets, and heavily trafficked areas are likely to show signs of neglect. Professional cleaning will ensure that you have a fresh, clean carpet, while saving you time and money. You can also choose a company that is certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute, ensuring that they will do a thorough job.

When hiring a commercial carpet cleaning company, make sure you check the credentials of the staff. Experienced commercial carpet cleaners know how to clean commercial carpets quickly and thoroughly so you can get back to business quickly. Your carpet is more than just a piece of home furnishing; it’s an investment. You’ll want someone who knows how to properly clean commercial carpets, and who has adequate insurance. You’ll be grateful you did!


When you are looking for a professional, certified commercial carpet cleaning company, make sure to ask for the IICRC certificate. Certification means the cleaning company follows industry-accepted standards for cleanliness and chemistry. Certified companies also stay on the cutting edge of technology, which means they are always advancing their methods and technologies. Look for the following qualities in a commercial carpet cleaning company:

If you already own a vehicle, you can save money on the start-up cost of a commercial carpet cleaning business. Otherwise, you will need to invest in new cleaning solutions and stain-removal kits. You will also likely need to purchase a truck-mounted or portable carpet cleaner. Once you have these resources, you can make a list of expenses. Make sure to factor in the costs of training and marketing. Although a business owner does not need a formal education to run a commercial carpet cleaning company, having a certification is beneficial for building credibility and trust with clients. Browse for more article.