Crystal Springs Creamery

If you’re looking for a unique place to grab a bite and enjoy some local dairy products, Crystal Springs Creamery is a great place to start. Located just outside of Osceola, IN, this small dairy is located off a gravel path and paved road, but is actually quite close to a more urban area. The farm is owned and operated by dairy farmer Tim Martin, who purchased the land about three decades ago. Despite the busyness of the dairy, it is tranquil and peaceful. Learn more.

Crystal Springs Creamery

Crystal Springs Creamery Osceola, Indiana makes its own dairy products. Located off a gravel path, the farm is located near a city, yet feels very far from it. The owner Tim Martin has been dairy farming since he was a child, and purchased the farm in 1996. The creamery offers fresh cheese curds, yogurt, and milk in glass bottles. The farm is located on a working dairy, so it is not surprising that the milk comes from their own cows.

Prices for yogurt, curds, and cheese are fairly reasonable. A quart of each costs around $3.75, and a six-ounce container costs about $1. A pint of curds will set you back $5. The store is in Elkhart County, which is a major dairy producer in the state, but selling farm-made goods isn’t that common. Crystal Springs Creamery is not federally inspected, so it sells only within the state of Indiana. The creamery could eventually expand into grocery stores, and perhaps wholesale to local restaurants. This would be a great idea since poutine is wildly popular right now. 


The Osceola location of the Crystal Springs Creamery offers an opportunity to experience the farm’s fresh, local dairy products. The farm is situated off of a gravel road near an urban area, but despite being close to the city, the location is peaceful and quiet. The creamery is owned by Tim Martin, a dairy farmer who bought the farm about three decades ago. Located on 600 acres, the farm provides milk, yogurt, and cheese curds in glass bottles.

In addition to cheese and other dairy products, the Osceola location offers a wide selection of bakery items and other foods. This is the perfect place to take the family and enjoy a tasty treat. The sales assistants are happy to give suggestions and answer any questions about the products. Its prices are fair and the cheese and food are delicious. A quart of yogurt costs between $3 and $4. Curds cost a little more.


Whether you want a tasty glass of milk, fresh cheese curds, or yogurt, Crystal Springs Creamery Osceola is the place to go. Their products are produced on a farm in Elkhart County and are locally produced. You can purchase their products at the Creamery or at the Heritage Square Martin’s Super Market in Granger. They’re closed on Sundays and Wednesdays.

This small farm in northern Indiana produces fresh dairy products. The Creamery is located on a farm, where the family milks cows and grows crops. Once the cows are milked, they process the milk into cheese and yogurt. These dairy products are produced in small batches to ensure the best quality. You’ll be able to taste the difference in flavor and texture. The farm is well worth the visit! Discover More about Goshen, IN


The owner of Crystal Springs Creamery in Osceola, Indiana, is Tim Martin, who has been a dairy farmer for almost half of his life. He grew up on a dairy farm in Nappanee, Indiana and moved to his current 600-acre farm on the western edge of Elkhart County in 1996. While milking cows on a tank truck, Tim Martin cultivated the land to produce fresh cheese curds and yogurt for his customers. This business also produces milk in glass bottles for customers.


The prices at Crystal Springs Creamery in Osceola aren’t exactly cheap. A quart of ice cream costs around $3.75, while a six-ounce container will cost about $1. If you’re craving curds, you can also spend $5 on a quart. Elkhart County, Indiana is one of the largest dairy producers in the country, but farm-made products have been less common. The creamery isn’t even federally inspected, and all its products can only be sold in Indiana. The creamery’s potential customers may include grocery stores, local restaurants, and the booming poutine industry.

The farm is located in the quaint village of Osceola, IN. There are three milking stalls, each with a different flavor. The cows are constantly monitored and fed a mixture of hay, alfalfa, and corn silage. The dairy also gives the cows a mineral mix and whole fuzzy cotton seeds for protein. The Crystal Springs Creamery offers fresh and quality dairy products.

Hours of operation

In addition to offering cheese and dairy products, the Crystal Springs Creamery also offers a number of bakery items. The store’s friendly sales associates will happily answer questions and guide shoppers through their selection. The creamery’s hours of operation are listed below. This popular Indiana creamery is open daily from 10am to 4pm. In addition to serving visitors, the Creamery provides tours of its facility and cheese-making facility.

The farm has been in operation since 1996. It is located on a farm near Osceola, Indiana. While the farm is located in a rural area, the town is still convenient for visitors. The creamery has 300 Holstein dairy cows and does most of its milk processing on site. Guests can also purchase glass bottles of milk and cheese curds. Browse next article.


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